Deep Water Salvage (LF)

Aug 5, 2022 | Audio, Grading

We’ve recently worked on a full post (online, grade & audio) for Deep Water Salvage – a documentary series produced by Renowned Films/Saloon Media.

This was an exciting challenge for our Senior Audio Engineer Craig and Junior Op Lewis. It was 5.1 and 2.0 mixes for different territories in US and Canada in a short space of time. As the docu-series follows salvage teams in different locations and various weather conditions, the dialogue clean up was especially important. We can’t wait to dive straight back into the next series!

Chris was the colourist across this series for The Weather Channel. It follows some of the world’s best marine construction firms that battle against the elements and the clock to salvage valuable property and fortunes of others from the effects of extreme weather. Due to the different locations across the series, Chris had to create the sunny atmosphere of Florida to the cool climate of Winter in Canada and Scotland through colour grading.

Credits: Client: Renowned Films – Audio Engineer: Craig Budd – Baselight Colourist: Chris Matthews – Flame Operator: Jon Myers

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